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Love these Princess Fashion Gowns!

It may be too late but I know a girl who would’ve worn one of these dresses to Prom hands down. ( except Jasmine and Snow Whites… Not feeling theirs)

Not sure who designed these if not I’d give credit to them but pair these dresses with some of those fan made fantasy princess heels and you’ve got a heck of an outfit.

Check out some of my older posts for more fan designs.

On a side not how amazing is that Ombré on Ariel’s dress? Or the lace appliqué on Aurora’s pink gown? I’m thinking future Bridesmaids ;)

Let me know what you guys think!


when ur bra and undies match and ur just like Hell yeah, hell yeah
Fuckin’ right Fuckin’ right, all right Hell yeah Hell yeah, hell yeah Fuckin’ right Fuckin’ right, all right

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my little cousin didn’t do his homework so he had to fill out a form on why he didn’t do it and he had to have his mom sign it and it went, “I didn’t do my homework because no”

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hairdresser: what do you want me to do?

me: just a trim thanks

hairdresser: no problem 

me: image

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So my mom brought dry ice home from work
friday: ugh i have so much work to do before monday..
monday: fuck